Thursday, 29 September 2011


I feel as if I have had a big win this week. Rehab is going well, I managed not to twang a hamstring for a whole week and I have done some hard moves for the first time in ages. Chamon! I managed to repeat Fabio's Route 29, 2nd shot, on top rope I must admit, as I am not allowed to fall as yet, but pleasing nonetheless, especially since I haven't climbed on a cord in months and months. Also, managed the second ascent of Inca Steppa, a new problem of Big Al's on a huge bloc near Zeus in the Northern Grampians. Al gave this puppy V9, but I strongly suggest 10, as does the Raven, who couldn't really do the moves and yet 10 minutes later cruised Butcher's Choice... Also have managed a host of other problems and some very close attempts. Hopefully will do Forced Entry direct tomorrow and have found a new project, that is not too far away I don't think... This will be pretty stiff I think, maybe 12, but we'll see. Booked a 6 week trip to Europe for Xmas, so just focusing on training for that and staying injury free, hopefully will get around a month in Switzerland, but we'll see... Later Arnie.

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