Friday, 16 September 2011

Back in action, AGAIN!

"The last few months have been more about riding and running for months I've been sidelined with a shoulder injury! Well, technically it is an injury, but I would like to think of it as a Body Regeneration Period or BRP. They happen once or twice a year generally, as I'm pushing my body that little bit too far, the warning signs are there, but I'm just not listening. A tendon or muscle will sacrifice itself, tear or explode, so the rest of the body can recover and recuperate while I'm forced to rest. A rotator cuff tendon with a 7-8mm tear was the issue this time and the possibility of surgery and a short 12 months off was somewhat alarming, but thanks to Rob my physio and thousands of theraband and weight exercises, I've seem to have avoided the knife and am climbing again!
After 3 months off, a sunny day bouldering at the Balkans with the Sydney Expedition crew was the perfect way to get back onto the rock again.

Hopefully the weather is good again this weekend, the crag is calling!"

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