Monday, 19 September 2011

I just need a friend

A late text last night, my climbing partner for the next day had come home to broken water pipes so he was out for the following days climbing. A few texts went out hoping for any other starters, but being so late and a Sunday night I was out of luck. What to do now? After a few months off I was FROTHING to get out on the rock, what options did I have? I could go bouldering...I love bouldering but was really wanting to do some longer less intense stuff. I could go thats always fun, but I didn't have anything in mind that I wanted to bolt, I could  go and look at a few things but it sounds like more of a mission than actually getting anything done. Or i could go rope soloing, I could get my rack for that sorted quickly, I could think of some routes I would like to check out, a quick scan of the guide book and I was sorted.
Sublime point was the choice, a quite crag, great views a quick walk in to the base. The plan was, a few single pitch routes at the start of the crag then head down to the far end of the crag and climb out via a 120meter five pitch route, sounds great!!
So what are the pro's and con's to climbing on your own?

Going solo
Pro - You don't have to wait for anyone.
Con - You don't have any mates, that's why your going solo

The belay
Pro - There's no one to give you a bad belay.
Con - You quite often give yourself a bad belay.

The pitches
Pro - You get to lead all the good pitches.
Con - You have to lead all the scary pitches .

Pro - You don't have to waste time taking photo's of your mate so he can spray about it on his blog.
Con - You don't have anyone to take your photo, damn it.

Pro - Its a cheap shout at the cafe as you don't have anyone else to buy for.
Con - You don't have anyone to hang at the cafe with cause you don't have any mates, remember that's why you've gone solo. Doh

It was an early start, the weather was great and the climbing was really good. Four long sports routes , all in the 20-23 range got the day going. It was then along to do Smack My Pitch, grade 20 and five pitches of fun. The bonus with the multi pitch is that once you've led each pitch, you rap it then re-climb it to clean it, making your 5 pitch route 10 pitches of climbing!! By 1pm I had done about 340meters of climbing and was off to Katoomba for a good strong coffee, i just didn't have anyone to hang with!

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  1. I'm your mate Andy! Not saying I want to do multi-pitch epics, just that I'm your mate!