Wednesday, 2 May 2012

One Month Down......

.....and only, well lets not talk about how many to go, but it sounds really good when you say, One month down!! It's the first land mark in what is going to be a long recovery, and so far so good.

One Month Down and shoulder is looking good! Well not much of a tan and you don't want to see the skinny arm that is now attached to it, but a couple of neat scares to help me look cool

I said in my last post that I couldn't be happier with how things had gone with my surgery, and i'm happy to say that things with the rehab are still going along nicely. The support that i've had from my physio Rob has been great, going well beyond the call of duty to make sure I have the best chance possible of regaining a full range of motion. Today he got 148 degrees of movement out of my shoulder, which is awesome and weeks ahead of the norm. This won't help me get back on the cliff any earlier but is a really good sign for the joints mobility so i'm stoked!


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