Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Getting Me Bogan On

After months of anticipation I've finally moved to the sticks, albeit temporarily (next 3 months are definent). The last couple of weeks have a been a blur; working, partying, enjoying my favourite eating haunts, packing and a couple of runs to Natimuk and back. Unfortunantly, as a result I haven't been training in the last 2 weeks. Not to worry, this should mean I feel refreshed after a couple of nights of good sleep. Fingers are feeling goodish, and psyche is high.
Getting into town - few hours before dayshift (TIRED)
 This isn't a climbing holiday, I'll still be working full-time as a Paramedic in Horsham. The life of a country ambo is certainly different to the one I am familiar with. Instead of being flogged senseless and spending at least half a shift waiting for a bed at hospital (ramping), we have spent the majority of time at branch or doing personal errands in town. It will take me a little while to feel less uneasy about how much down time there is. I'm assured that when the time comes we will be busy and have some serious work. I'm looking forward to the challenge. Over the past two days, I've been getting my bogan on getting me ute up to scratch with new ball joints and raising the new suspension (which I installed with the help of my mate J. Power last week). Now all I need is some more flannies.

Good use of the Table legs

Aside from trying out the work side of the coin, I'm up here to climb a little bit more regularly than I have over the last couple of years. Midweek days off in Melbourne are great for drinking coffee and eating awesome food, but not for climbing. Hopefully there are enough Goats left in Nati to get out with, failing that off to the Gramps to boulder. I have a load of existing, abandoned and new routes to check out and play on. Psyched. The weather is aweseome, crisp mornings with clear blue skies. Can't wait until the weekend so I can climb at my local.

So my plan for the few months is this. Work, Train and Climb on Real rock. If I can get out more than 1 day a week (plan on 3 at least) then I will already be bettering my average over the last few years. Really should start getting some stuff done.

Peak hour

 - Grosey

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