Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Old is New (i'm not a hipster)

G'day there,

I'd just like to start my first post here with a thanks to Expedition Equipment. I'm stoked to be part of the team and hope I can bring something to the table....be it lycra bodysuits, mad background music or at the very least some videos slash photos.

For past few years I've been writing a news/blog bizwhack with some of my best mates over at www.captainsofcrushaustralia.blogspot.com . This of course will continue to be at the forefront of Victorian climbing news, news that involves a select group of individuals with passwords to the account.
If you are unintiated in the ways of the captains blog, then I'll quickly fill you in about my past 8 months.

Went to Rocklands....had a blast....ruptured A4 pulley.....got drunk....NYE at Mt Arapiles......Tassie Trip.....Easter '12. That's about it. (click above link for videos from these events :p )

So as for now and a reference to the post title;

Working as a Paramedic is fun, tiring, a pain in the arse, rewarding and challenging all at the same time. We have some great holidays and work a 2 days/2 nights on and 4 days off roster (generally). This sounds good, however living in Australia's capital for coffee and the 'Weekend Warrior', leaves me walking aimlessly around the streets of Fitzroy looking for belayers on a Wednesday morning. So big plans are taking shape, mainly looking at moving up to Natimuk and working in Horsham, so that my days off are more productive. This idea has also been encouraged by several weekends away climbing at Mt Arapiles, and at the moment I'm very excited at the thought of climbing 4 days a week on rock.

Mt Arapiles; the first place most Victorians realise that gym climbing is just that. I started climbing out there in 2002, leading The Bard, 12 on my second day. Golden fun. Start of the 2012 saw me take a young lass out there to repeat it. It was just as scary, and just as fun. Having spent that last 9 or so years climbing the odd weekend at the Grampians has got me stronger, but not much better on the sometimes slick, vertical, bulgy world that is the Mount. Recently I decided that I would try to build a base of Mt Arapiles routes. Doing 10 of a grade then moving on, so as to really learn how to climb there again. For me time and geography is crucial. Trying to redpoint something at or beyond your limit with a 10 weekend a year game plan is bogus. So all that said, the move to Nati will if all goes to plan make me a more well rounded climber. Of course Grampians kicks arse and I have big plans for down there too.

Getting Lost on the Bard - only kidding

I'll fit right in with the Natimuk locals

Anyway, this weekend just gone was Easter. I had to work some of it, and party another, so had two days to climb. I decided to revisit some classics, and some routes I'd tried some weekend years ago. The weather was awesome with some bitter cold wind.......the season has started for sure. Well I pulled on only a handful of times, but managed to climb Jet Lag and Wagalak both 29 without any dramas. I've also spied a new line that will have some shiny new bolts in it within the next week or so. So psyched.

 Wagalak, 29 - Mt Arapiles. Photo A. Robertson

So for the rest of 2012. Well I had planned to be back in Rocklands this winter, yet this will not be the case. Lack of money and the move to the country will put this one hold. Aside from my Mt Arapiles 10 routes then move on project, I'll be focusing on some of my bolted projects in the Grampians and heading to Nowra in July. There is also talk of heading to Switzerland with Simon and Co (thats his left and right biceps and his ego) to boulder in January.

Cool well until next time.

- Grosey

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