Thursday, 19 April 2012

Down, But Not Out!!!

It's not the post that I was hoping to write and it's certainly not the way I was hoping to spend the season. The weather looked so good in Spain and I was a click of the mouse away from booking a flight, instead I booked in with the surgeon for some repairs on my shoulder that just couldn't wait any longer.

Relaxing in my hospital bed just after my opp

Surgeries can never come with a 100% guarantee so I feel quite lucky to have "Rob Standen" from Penrith Sports Physio on my side. Rob has been looking after me for longer than I can remember and he put me in contact with a great sports doctor, who then got me in contact an excellent shoulder surgeon who looks after a lot of professional and olympic athletes. This sort of support is something that I really appreciate and could not put a price on as it makes me feel completely relaxed and confident that I was in the best possible hands.

After spending too much time inside and watching lots of climbing DVD's (The Real Thing many times), I just had to walk down to the local crag to look at and touch real rock. Thats what I call "Therapy"!

After what I could only describe as the best possible hospital stay and a week or so of recovery at home, things are feeling good. It's a long long way back, there won't be any climbing for at least 6 months and quite possibly longer. But it's not the end of the world, a few months and a few thousand Theraband exercises and i'll be back before you know it!


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