Saturday, 24 December 2011

Elf spotted at Diamond Falls!!!

I woke to a sunny christmas morning and ran down stairs to see if Santa had left anything under the tree. Woohoo, a Sterling Evolution 9.8 Sharma signature edition, Simon Carter's  World Climbing book and his latest calendar to keep track of all my sends. After a good christmas breakfast Wendy and I headed up to Diamond Falls hoping to find some good conditions.

The conditions were rubbish but what we did find was much more exciting! As we reached the main wall we were blown away to see one of Santa's Elfs hiking his way up Hairline '28'. I only just had enough time to grab my camera out of my bag and snap off a couple of shots before he crushed the route in style.

Santa's little helpers choose Red Chili Corona VCR's!!

 He yelled out "What a classic and a merry christmas to you all" before taking off with his belaying Reindeer. The identity of the Elf or the Reindeer could not be confirmed except that it wasn't Rudohlf as it didn't have a red nose, but was most likely Prancer by the way that he took off.

I hope everyone has had a good christmas and wishing you all a wonderful new year!!


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