Sunday, 4 December 2011

Arapiles Bouldering Simon Weill gives us the lowdown

Yup, you read the title correctly, I went to Arapiles and bouldered. Not just on the usual stuff either. Along with the Big Al, I went and did a couple of FAs up at Bushranger's Bluff. Al had done a couple of new lines during the week and was keen to show em off and I was more than keen to check em out. So, in between, not catching trout in the Nati lake with Wayno and drinking copious amounts of coffee in the Nat cafe with everyone, we sauntered out and did some crushing. I repeated Al's problems Judge Mental and the Lone Deranger both about V8 and awesome before adding a new V10, called The Vortex. Tops start to the weekend. I also tried the Overtaker on the back of Castle Crag, which is a 31 of Nick Sutter's. Somehow, with an Arctic wind blowing in I was unable to bust it out to the top after punching through the crux on a couple of occasions, mostly because I couldn't feel my hands. It was unbelievably cold, hard to believe it is Summer. Anyway, it will go down next visit for sure, which will have to wait for next year now though as I am off to Europe next week. Will keep y'all posted.
The Vortex


  1. That's what we like to hear. Who's post is this?

  2. Hey mate, it is mine, that is Simon W...