Monday, 28 November 2011

Andy Richardson at Coolum Cave QLD.

I don't know what dragged Andy Richardson away from his usual haunts in the Blue Mountains of NSW, but we are always psyched to see some hard climbing talent at the cave.
Andy confesses the trip was as much about the beach as it was the cave. I don't know about that, I don't see a sun tan.
Warm up time - Andy onsites the very tricky "Yoink" 24
It's deceptively steep and pumpy.
Next it's "Crazy Horny" 25 onsite, and he cheeses it up for the camera.

Andy rates the Cave "pretty cool" and makes reference to "slopey, kneebarry weirdness"
I think that sums it up nicely.
Not beaten yet he gets to work on the Gareth Llewellyn trench warfare route "Weapon of Choice" 27 (originally 28 deservedly so)
Did I mention he slipped off the final hold of the pump classic "Wholly Calamity" on his first shot? First shot, that's strong.

 Below the crux on Weapon. Andy sports the Wild Country "Spray T-shirt"

Gear list
Harness: Wild Country Ultra lite elite
Shoes: Red Chili Matador of course.

I left as the sun was setting but Andy slammed it one more time. Not being able to get all the kneebars he reports just hanging on. Yeah, just hanging on, simple.
"Weapon of Choice" in a day.

It's just a day at the beach for Andy.

Photo Lee Cujes
Andy Richardson NSW and jjobrien QLD - climbing for Wild Country, Red Chili and Expedition Equipment

Story and pictures jjobrien.

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