Thursday, 17 November 2011

After work with Matt Adams

Sushi Train V8 PHOTO Nick Fletcher
With not being able to touch rock due to work commitments in the US for what has seemed months I busted out to Crumblies to take advantage of the longer day light hours. Absolutely keen as mustard to take on some Sydney classics the pads were packed in the car and I made a bee line for the crag as soon as the whistle was blown in the office! What I didn't realize from the air conditioned comfort of the office that it was 30+ outside and the humidity was hitting 1000%, too late now I was committed. 

Warming up on the juggy V5 I did feel that this crag had seen better days for conditions. Only if there was a bit of wind. Enough excuses time to work the classic Mushi Brain. Ok all the moves sorted and feeling in the bag, but how wrong things go when the rock turns to soap, you thrash about and rip a hole in your finger for just trying to hang on too hard. Got the end sorted for the cameras! Thanks Nick for the picture....

Next time Matt

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