Thursday, 14 June 2012

Nati Files

Hey Guys,

It's been just over a month since I moved to Natimuk and I am loving it more and more. The focus of the 2 month trial: improve the work/climbing/life balance, and consider a permanent move. So far so good.

Living in the centre of Victorian rockclimbing (it IS the smelting pot you are all picturing) would surely mean I have a load of cool beta to spray about the routes I've done. Hmm not so much. The first couple of weeks saw me getting used to the change of pace, a big change indeed. It is a slower more relaxed lifestyle and I think my new flanny shirt is helping with the adjustment. Unlike a roadtrip, I am still working full time and getting home after dark. We got a hangboard up pretty quickly, and have since got a woody up and running in the last week or so.

So what have I done? Well I've been getting out for a boulder for a couple hours before night shift, not much ticked, but some good progress on some old projects of mine. I've also been out bolting some news routes. I ticked one of these the other day, Exile On Main Street, 26. Not a hard one by any means, but a fun outing and hopefully the 'carrot-on-the-stick' enticing belayers up to The Plaza Strip, where I have another project equipped and waiting. Short and sharp sessions have been the go of late and haven't spent much time on anything. Recently completed Checkmate and The Overtaker, both 29 in a couple of shots, and finished off Naughty Tickle Town, 28. Although this one stumped me at the last move a couple of times, reminencent of when I blew the same moves at the top of Academia before doing it.....TWICE! What a muppet.

So plans for next few weeks up in Natimuk. Well, try my roof project at the Plaza Strip, and try to get some fitness up for a sojourn to Nowra in July.

Here are some photos of the last month, not all climbing sorry.
Final moves of Checkmate, 29

Have had better skin.

Horsham from top of Mt. Stapylton

The Goat Pen - our new wall.

Peace out

- Grosey

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