Sunday, 23 October 2011


                                            Manhandled V11, Cave of man hands

It's not often that you visit an area that you have discovered and find it to be better than you remembered. In fact, it has never happened before to me. Usually I'll talk up an area until my unwitting sidekicks are expecting the next Andersens or Taipan wall only to discover that it is merely one boulder, moss covered and no more than 6 feet tall... Luckily in this instance there was independent confirmation as to the quality of the venue before we re-visited, although it was still with some trepidation that Ross Taylor and I slowly made our way up to "The cave of man-hands", as it is now known. I was amazed, bigger, longer, steeper and better rock, why the hell had I waited a year to revisit? We quickly got down to business and had an amazing day, aside from Ross trying to kill himself with a dislodged kettle-bell sized piece of rock. A bunch of easier problems, up to about V9 on all angles fell rapidly, before I turned my attention to one of the obvious ribs that meandered out through the roof to a rounded top. Manhandled, V11 was the result and it was amazing. It has everything, some small crimps, some big spans and some all out grunting squeezes. And, to make things even better, there is more to go... Back there this weekend, so will keep you posted. Laters...

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