Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Gasoline Rainbow 28

Expedition Equipment may regret giving me the keys to their blog JJ O'Brien gives us the Coolum Cave low down....
There's about a thousand people who already know that I stuff the Internet with photos and blogs.
Mostly they are my photos of other people but here's a snap of me, by fellow Queenslander and right wing agitator, Phil Box. Thanks, Philly.

Gear list: Ultralite elite harness, Helium quickdraws and the iconic Red Chili Corona shoes, as worn by Matt Admas in the infamous Rock advert.

In this shot: Lee Cujes, first ascensionist of GAS RAIN, minds my apparel and belays.
Climbers, I'll be a lot happier when that rope goes in that draw, that pinch just burns me up.

Gasoline Rainbow at Coolum Cave, is a second pitch route, steep all the way on amazing rock. It's flanked left and right by equally awesome routes that almost never see repeats.

jjobrien climbing for Red Chili & Wild Country.

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